Sustainability with Dancing Solar Flowers

We are all increasingly concerned with the environment and sustainability is the way to the future. According to Alexandre Dang, people are not aware of the importance of sustainable energy. With his ‘Dancing Solar Flowers’ he wants to stimulate this awareness, also on Fleuramour. Be sure to pay a visit to the Orangery because there will be a lot of flowers to admire!

From sunshine to movement

For his project at Fleuramour, Alexandre Dang will install the ‘Dancing Solar Flowers’ on the facade of the Orangery. All 6 large windows will be covered with solar-powered flowers. With his project he wants to show people that sustainable energy is extremely important.

But how does the dancing flower work? Well, every flower has a cell that converts solar energy into movement. When there is sunlight, the flower gets activated. The more light, the faster the ‘Dancing Solar Flowers’ will move!

Alexandre Dang is an artist who is very fascinated by the things around him and by everything that has to do with sustainability and solar energy. With his work he wants people to discover things, to have fun and above all to inform them. Making people think about subjects and let them reflect on things, that is what makes him happy.

No future without sustainability

The sun provides 10,000 times more energy than mankind needs, yet there are still more than 1.3 billion people who do not have access to electricity. The urge to find solutions to such problems was the trigger for Alexandre Dang’s artistic career.

Because of his passion, the ‘Dancing Solar Flowers’ have become an iconic work. They have already been exhibited all over the world: from the United States to China and Russia. All over the world, people have considered the potential of renewable energy for both people and the environment. “Our way of life must change,” says Alexandre. “We need to move towards sustainable development, which will play a key role in the future.”

Wondering how the ‘Dancing Solar Flowers’ work? In the video below you can see some examples of exhibitions where the flowers were displayed.


Sustainability with Dancing Solar Flowers
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