Tom De Houwer (BE)

Rooms: Courtyard of Honour | Grass fields (Grasvelden) | New Chapel (Nieuwe Kapel), in cooperation with Fleur@Home Team

Main Project: Reciprocity of Creation

Each year all eyes are focused on the Courtyard of Honour. This year it’s going to be another spectacular sight. Cobblestones bursting open by the pressure of red roses, 3,000 Gloriosa flowers that reach to the sky, a ring of water, a mysterious voice and the perfume of roses… Come and enjoy this masterpiece from Tom De Houwer!

Tom De Houwer

After 20 years of experience as a floral designer, shop-owner, floral content creator for magazines, demonstrator, floral architect and teacher in his mainland Belgium, and other places in the world, Tom De Houwer is ready to share his knowledge more deeply en intensify with floral designers from all over the world.

Tom will coach floral designers of all levels to grow their skills, creativity and awareness so they experience more confidence and freedom to be the authentic creator they were meant to be.