Tom De Houwer (BE)

Room: New Chapel (Waterburcht) | Binnenhof
Project: Made in Belgium, in cooperation with the Fleur @ Home Team
Description: Belgium is also world famous for its gastronomy. The Fleur @ Home Team presents some wonderful floral creations with delicious local products
Tom’s way into the flower business was a roundabout one.  He pursued an education in the field of graphic design. A field where he could be creative, but yet…  Upon completing his education his search for a job didn’t lead to the graphic design sector. His mother’s hobby was flower arranging.  Tom admired the work and got creatively involved. His parents also had a gorgeous property that needed a new lease on life. All those things lead Tom to start a flower business. Tom also holds regular workshops and demonstrations and is also the flower coordinator of Hoogstraten.

Tom is part of the Fleur @ Home team.