Stefan Van Berlo

Room: Interior courtyard
Project: Florismart Concept Store
Description:  Florists and clients are taken on a journey to the store of the future with this concept store. There you’ll find some floral themed ideas on our most important rituals such as birth, Holy Communion or spring festival, engagements and weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals. In this project the professional florist and the grower are the focus of attention.
Stefan was educated at the horticultural schools in St-Niklaas and Mechelen. He also went to teacher training college in Ghent. Since 2004, Stefan has run his own flower shop in Zwijndrecht called ‘Bloem-Illusie’. As a student, but also later on, he took part in several competitions. In 2010 he became Belgian champion. Stefan travels around Europe for demonstrations, workshops and installations. He is an active KUFB member and ambassador for Floral Fundamentals. Fleur Créatif and other international publications regularly feature his work. A few years ago, Stefan presented a unique project in Alden Biesen, Flowers and Fashion, in cooperation with fashion designer Geert De Puysseleir.