Max Hurtaud

Room: Interior courtyard
Project: Florismart Concept Store
Description:  Florists and clients are taken on a journey to the store of the future with this concept store. There you’ll find some floral themed ideas on our most important rituals such as birth, Holy Communion or spring festival, engagements and weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals. In this project the professional florist and the grower are the focus of attention.
Max Hurtaud is a French master florist and Floral Fundamentals Ambassador based in Brussels. Flower lover since his birth, he said to his mother, when he was 3 years old: « I want to be a florist to make bouquets for brides and for my mum! » and he has never changed his mind.

He is very enthusiastic, passionate and funny person! Please don’t tell him, he is a trouble maker but rather he likes setting the good mood around him. In 2015, after 7 years of studies in a floristry school near La Rochelle, his home town and a work placement in England, he decided moving to Berlin, to actually live in Brussels… A good place for florists according to him. How long will he stay in the Belgian city? Actually, we don’t know, he loves travelling to discover different cultures, that’s his inspiration. Eclectic is his work, trying to find new ways to create. He doesn’t want to do the same and wishes to surprise people. He has participated also at few contests, mainly to the top 3 at the end and got the bronze medal to the Belgian Junior Flower Cup 2016.