Ivan Poelman (BE)

    Room: Gallery, in cooperation with the Fleur Créatif Team.
    Project: Made in Belgium, in cooperation with the Fleur Créatif Team
    Description: Lots of Belgian artists, musicians, directors and architects are famous around the world.  The Fleur Créatif Team presents an homage to 6 well-known Belgians.
    Ivan Poelman opened a small flower shop in Melle in December 1980. That small store of barely a couple square meters is now a flourishing business called ‘Poelman & De Wilde’. Together with his partner Tom De Wilde, Ivan specialises in large parties, weddings, events, funerals, you name it. They deliver flower and plant creations all over Flanders, sometimes for some very famous people. They are also a permanent supplier to the Floraliën. However large or crazy the projects, they are up for the challenge.

    Ivan is a permanent member of the Fleur Créatif Team.