Charlotte Bartholomé (BE)

Room: New Chapel (Nieuwe Kapel), in cooperation with the Fleur@Home Team


Charlotte Bartholomé grew up in her parent’s potato business and fell in love with nature from an early age! She studied humanities at the St-Vincent College in Soignies, so she was well prepared for many different higher education options. But her passion lay with flowers and she decided to become a florist.  She took business administration and a florist course at the IFAPME in Mons as well as a one year master course at the Green Academy Belgium in Ghent under the tutelage of Marc Derudder, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Geert Pattyn en Tomas De Bruyne. They gave her the technical know-how to get started in the profession. Charlotte did some internships and gained valuable work experience in several flower shops.  She also wasn’t afraid to enter several different competitions.  Presently she works on a freelance basis.

Charlotte is part of the Fleur @ Home team.