Annick Mertens (BE)

Room: New Chapel (Nieuwe Kapel), in cooperation with the Fleur@Home Team


After her secondary education in business at the OLVP in Sint-Niklaas, Annick Mertens obtained her agriculture-horticulture/agro-industry degree. She wanted to be a landscape architect, but was spurred on by her parents to become a florist. The philosophy however remains the same: create something out of natural materials. Gardens are really never finished, while a flower arrangement usually is.  The beauty of gardens is that they are not as momentary as working with flowers…

Annick started her flower business ‘Onverbloemd’ in 2003 in the town of Verrebroek, a shop full of fun and poetic flower inspirations. She also holds monthly workshops for adults and children. She strives to pass on a lovely message to her students: relax in a peaceful, rustic environment, learn new techniques, pass on some tips and tricks, enjoy an aperitif together or a cup of coffee, share a laugh, work together in mutual respect and return home with a sense of accomplishment!

Annick is part of the Fleur @ Home team.