Workshop Jordi Abelló (FLOOS) – 29 september 2019


Title: Develop new ideas to a commercial design

Jordi is the master of masters. With more than 30 years experience, he has trained a large majority of the Spanish florists. So, that means he has a good overall view of the floral state of Spain. He is one of the teachers in ‘Escola catalana d’Art floral’, and as he says: ‘When the brain and the hands speak the same language, it means that what you’re creating, will make you happy… and more importantly, it’ll make others happy. The capacity for creation has no boundaries.

In this workshop, Jordi Abelló will show how to transform all designs we see as a trend to a commercial design, how to make it faster and adapt the design to our flower shops.

Designs by Jordi:

Meer informatie over Jordi Abelló:

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When: Sunday 29/09/2019

Hour: 11.00 h

Price: € 75 (incl. materials, coffee and tea – excl. entrance ticket for Fleuramour, )

We will provide the necessary materials and the participants will only need to bring a knife, secateur and their good cheer.

Note: the number of participants is limited