Workshop Brigitte Heinrichs (FLOOS) 30 september 2019


Title: Table centerpiece

The master florist lives in Germany and her work takes her across the country and indeed to the rest of the world: she has worked an exhibited in England, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, but also in Russia, China, Dubai, Macau, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

Designing with natural materials is her main idea. So she has constantly used the motto “Design with Nature“ in her work.

In this workshop Brigitte Heinrichs will show you how to develop and adapt the natural materials to be used in a table centerpiece. How to transform the character of materials and create an interesting design for a table, a wedding or any other decoration.

Designs by Brigitte Heinrichs:

More info about Brigitte Heinrichs:



When: Sunday 30/09/2019

Hour: 11.00 h

Price: € 75 (incl. materials, coffee and tea – excl. entrance ticket for Fleuramour)

We will provide the necessary materials and the participants will only need to bring a knife, secateur and their good cheer.

Note: the number of participants is limited