Beautiful Flower Shows With Holly Heider Chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers is a successful flower and event studio in Loudoun County Virginia, USA. This year Holly comes to Fleuramour with a beautiful Floral Show and she will amaze everyone with her creations. Of course she can’t do this alone. For example, Suzie Kostick, Helen Miller and Françoise Weeks will help her make this show unforgettable.

From kitchen to international success

Holly is the creative engine of her own flower studio Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. The top florist once started designing bridal bouquets in her own kitchen. Now, more than 25 years later, she shares her experience and passion with designers from all over the world.

The designer is also a teacher, speaker and mentor for other professional designers in the wedding industry. Despite all the success, Holly and her husband have decided to remain a home-based business. They want to do everything they can to be at home with the children. In addition, they now have extensive gardens that complement their floral creations.

Holly Heider Chapple

At the end of September Holly will be present at Fleuramour with her beautiful Floral Show. Her magnificent floral creations will amaze everyone this year. BUT, without the help of the top-florists below, there will be no show.



Françoise Weeks

Françoise Weeks creates her work with a typical European respect for flowers and nature. Her unique style of Textural Woodlands and Botanical Haute Couture are combined with creativity and mechanical ingenuity. In her studio in Portland she gives workshops and also offers online courses. She has also taught in many cities in the US, Mexico, England, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, China and Australia. Her dynamic work has been published in national and international magazines. And in December 2018 her book “The Herbal Recipe Keeper” was published by Timber Press.


Helen Miller

Helen Miller has been running a successful flower shop in the United States for more than thirty-five years. She also taught floral workshops and presented programmes for the industry throughout the United States. In 2015, Helen presented a main stage program at the AIFD Symposium and she had the honor of designing for the presidential inauguration of George W. Bush. In addition, she is a Creative Consultant for various industrial companies.



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Susan Mcleary

Susan is a floral designer, artist and instructor who creates unusual, groundbreaking floral art. Her detailed headgear, floral garments and colourful jewellery characterize her personality. Her soulful, seasonally inspired creations are described as beautiful, living works of art. She has appeared regularly in well-known magazines and will publish her first book ‘The Art of Wearable Flowers’ in the spring of 2020.


Suzie Kostick

Throughout her career, Suzie Kostick has spent her time and enthusiasm at her store. She is also a floral design instructor, business consultant etc. In 1998 Suzie was chosen as the Michigan Floral Association’s (MFA) Young Person of the Year. She was the first person ever to win the award and did so again in 2003 and 2004. Suzie is committed to spreading her love for flowers and inspiring artists.



Katie Noonan

Noonan’s Wine Country Designs is a custom design studio. The focus is on making your wedding day florals unique. Noonan’s style is seen as floral art and craftsmanship. Each design is handmade with clean and modern design techniques. She can present unique artworks to brides and events which are, according to her, the greatest moments in life.



Can’t wait to see Holly at work? Then order your tickets NOW and admire her at her Floral Show at Fleuramour.

Be sure to take a look at her website and Instagram!

Beautiful Flower Shows With Holly Heider Chapple
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