Fleuramour Unveils 2023 Theme ‘Music’

Music and flowers, a perfect symphony for another dazzling edition of Fleuramour! Last year, the international flower festival on the castle grounds of Alden Biesen in Belgium attracted a lot of daydreamers and selfie hunters. So don’t wait and order your tickets today!

From September 22 to 25, 2023, the world’s finest floral stylists will unpack stunning floral creations, this year with a strong musical link thanks to this year’s theme ‘Flowers & Music’. Whether we can expect floral designs inspired by Tomorrowland or the Eurovision Song Contest, or floral representations of popular hits, singers or composers remains a closely guarded secret. What is certain, is that this 26th edition will also guarantee a dreamy day out full of floral beauty, fantasy and therefore also music.

Flowers & music : A Unique Combination

By choosing this theme, the organization has decided to attract a diverse but young audience, because who doesn’t like music? From David Guetta to Harry Styles and from Mozart over The Beatles to Miley Cyrus. Music offers something for everyone.

“Because the floral designers come from various countries, represent different generations and are given a lot of artistic freedom, you will be treated to particularly varied and imaginative floral creations with subtle or, on the contrary, very clear reference to diverse music styles.”

Popularity Among Young People

The inspiration was the floral work of passionate Mexican florist Yamile Bulos, which was promptly chosen for Fleuramour’s new poster: a long-playing record with the text “Love Rocks,” surrounded by flowers and guitars. Yamile is also coming to Fleuramour where you will be able to admire her designer poster in real life.

The worldwide success of singer Miley Cyrus’ monster hit “Flowers,” which even made flower sales spike, proves that flowers are super hip, more than ever with young people.

“With music as the theme, we will appeal to all age groups, just like last year with the theme of magic. Fleuramour is a unique experience for young and old alike.”

Floral Fashion Show & Pop-Up Market

At the four-day flower festival, you can easily spend an entire day wandering past more than a hundred magnificent floral creations, from charmingly small to majestically large. Besides the floral tour through the castle grounds and historic gardens, you can enjoy a beautiful fashion show with floral dresses, a cozy pop-up market, workshops and demonstrations flower styling, floral workshops, food and drinks.

Wear Your Own Flower Hat

On Friday, September 22, 2023, Fleuramour will open with the traditional Hat Day. Visitors who wear a homemade flower or plant hat with reference to the music theme will receive a free glass of cava and can win fun prizes.

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