FLEURAMOUR, a Top Edition in a Magical Dream World 

The 25th edition of the FLEURAMOUR flower festival was a real success. It started on Friday with a large gathering of enthusiasts and continued on Saturday, Sunday and Monday with thousands of fans who came to relax in the magical land of the Alden Biesen Castle, which was adorned with impressive floral decorations for the occasion. 

✨🧚 Wonder and Magic 

The theme ‘MAGIC’ was a big hit with the crowd. From Friday 23 to Monday 26 September, FLEURAMOUR offered the opportunity to wander in wonder through a fairy-tale maze, a magical ice world or an enchanted forest, or to walk past a metre-long party table straight out of the Harry Potter saga, scenes from Alice in Wonderland and many other tales.  

No less than 400 floral designers from 20 countries pulled out all the stops for this silver anniversary. The result? Fascinating floral arrangements that were clearly appreciated by young and old alike. 

🥰 Emotion and Goosebumps

It all started on Friday with an emotional opening ceremony organised by a team of Ukrainian florists around their huge floral creation in the castle inner court. Led by Olena Driuchan, a team of 15 Ukrainian floral designers made a strong statement about the war that is devastating their country. ‘I want to show the people in Belgium and the rest of the world how strong Ukrainian women are’, explained Olena Driuchan, who gave the annual theme of ‘magic’ a unique interpretation. 

‘Love is magic! Ukrainian women have a duty to preserve the culture and traditions of Ukraine. They have a powerful weapon for this purpose: love. Love for themselves, for their partners, for their children and parents. Love for work. Love for the country and the people. And love for the whole world. Love is the most important magic! And the centre of this magic is a loving woman. A woman can do anything when she loves. She loves, believes and fills the whole world with her energy. Therefore, love will save the world. Love! And believe in the magic of love!” 

Olena Driuchan – Designer of the great FLEURAMOUR creation, created by a team of 15 Ukrainian floral designers 

🎩 Hat parade 

Friday also saw the traditional hat parade in which visitors could participate with a homemade flowered hat referring to the “MAGIC” theme. The many participants were able to parade briefly and give some explanations. A jury then selected the winners. 

📸 Flower Trail and Magic Show 

Wonder and magic were the order of the day throughout the hour-long floral tour, which featured more than 100 floral creations from 20 countries. FLEURAMOUR also featured a stunning fashion show in which eleven floral designers presented their creations under the guidance of Inge Quint, as well as workshops and live demonstrations of floral styling and a lively marketplace offering all kinds of goods and commodities. 

Did you miss FLEURAMOUR? Or do you want to enjoy it once more after your visit?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 One Big Family

400 florists participated in this festive edition.

“FLEURAMOUR is a meeting place for colleagues from all over the world. Close friendships are formed. Young florists experience FLEURAMOUR as a learning experience, as they have the chance to meet great masters who teach them the tricks of the trade, for example the world-renowned floral designer Daniel Ost, who took visitors on a cycling trip through a proliferating world of flowers and plants. We also had a very diverse audience. Regular visitors, but also many young people who were looking for an original day out and enjoyed immersing themselves in the magical world of flowers and then taking dreamy selfies on social media. Once again, FLEURAMOUR proved to be a great family reunion.”

Photos: ©Blush Photography & ©FLEURAMOUR

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