Festive Flower Cake

Fleuramour - 25th edition - Online Competition

Professional florists, students in floral art and flower lovers

Are you a fan of Fleuramour? Do you like floral gastronomy and parties? Take part in the online competition and design the most beautiful festive flower cake for the anniversary edition of Fleuramour! 

Participation until 5 September 2022. You have the chance to win an overnight stay at Alden Biesen or come as a VIP to Fleuramour 2022.

Create a floral cake for the 25th anniversary of Fleuramour!


Fleuramour is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so there must be some festive floral cakes at the event! 

As a participant of the online competition, you create a festive flower cake and send us a high resolution photo of your design. All the pictures of floral cakes will be projected in the castle of Alden Biesen during the event.


Your participation must meet the following requirements:

✓ A floral cake in the theme of Fleuramour: MAGIC. The cake must not be edible.
✓ You are completely free in your choice of design. Do you want a round, square or rectangular cake? A low or high cake? A cake with one layer or several layers? It’s up to you!
✓ Make sure that the vegetative element – the flowers – visually prevail.
✓ Use OASIS® Floral Foam: floral foam blocks, a cake form, coloured floral foam, BIO floral foam or Terrabrick Floral Medium …
✓ Participants make the design at home.
✓ Please send us a photo of your creation (high resolution). And a photo of the used materials + a photo of the preparation. These two shouldn’t be high resolution.
✓ Be sure to provide your creation with your name. 


The jury will judge the following points:
Technique – shape and colour – originality – finishing – theme – use of OASIS® Floral Foam.

What can I win?

A publication in Fleur Creatif (magazine or website), an overnight stay in the surroundings of the castle of Alden Biesen or a VIP invitation to the event. 

There will be a winner in each category (students, flower lovers, professionals).


Register using the form below or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Practical info for participants


We expect pictures of your finished party cake at the latest on September 5 th, 2022 at 9 p.m. Via the form above or via e-mail to [email protected]. The winners will be announced in the following days.


All materials and pictures are provided and paid for by the participants themselves.

Organization and jury

1. You can / may always contact the organizers in advance if you have questions about a certain material.
2. The jury will consist of professional florists.
3. No discussion can be held with the organizers or with the jury itself before, during or after the judging. This about the odds as well as the course of the competition itself.
4. Any contact with one or more of the jury members with the participants, before or during the judging, is prohibited.
5. Judging is done in the edition house of Fleur Creatif. The following points are taken into account: techniques – shape and colour – originality – finish – use of the Oasis® – theme.
6. The jury does not have to account for the points given and is not obliged to inform the participants afterwards.
7. Any irregularity or incompatibility with the rules can entail a disqualification.
8. The organization reserves the right to make changes to the rules and the competition.


Rekad Produkties
Geelseweg 47 B – 2200 Herentals (B)
[email protected]

Best of luck!

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