Time Travel Among 140,000 Flowers

Fun, original and unparalleled: this day trip is not to be missed. During Fleuramour in Alden Biesen, you’ll walk among hundreds of thousands of enchanting flowers and go from one surprise to the next. Never walked around with virtual reality glasses in a fantasy world before? Have your future predicted with flowers? Drink tulip liqueur? Then this is your chance! Do not miss it!
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100 Floral Designers from All over the World

Lijst van vlaggen van de wereldCombine the impressive estate of Alden Biesen with a unique floral event and you will end up in a fairy tale setting!

Each year, more than 15,000 visitors are enchanted by these fenomenal flower decorations made with 140,000 flowers. A 100 floral designers from around the world will engage around the challenging theme of ‘Back to the Future’.

This spectacle of art and creativity will be created thanks to floral designers from:



Dmitry Turcan



Arnauld Delheille
Céline Moureau
Chantal Post
Charlotte Bartholomé
Els Geerdens
Fleur@Home Team
Fleur Créatif Team
Franck Girard
Geert Pattyn
Jan Deridder
Linda Huguenay
Marc Noël
Mieke Hoflack
Moniek Vanden Berghe
Natallia Sakalova
Pascale Rombeau
Sofia Tavares
Sören Van Laer
Tania Huyghe
Tom De Houwer
Viky Vangampelaere



Brigitte Heinrichs


Peter Boeijkens
Galina Tsizova*




Anna-Mari Cadoudal
Annick Mosconi
Aurelien Guintoli
Aymeric Chaouche (FRA/BEL)
Cédric Exare
Damien Thuaud
Frédéric Dupré
Jacques Castagné
Martine Soulier


Hong Kong  

Solomon Leong



Angelica Lacarbonara
Flavia Bruni
Marco Mazza
Sabina Dì Mattia
Ivan Bergh



Kazuyo Asayama
Yutaka Jimbo




Kristina Rimiené




Elvia Carrasco



Esther van Wijngaarden
Bart van Didden
Citaverde College Maastricht
Frank Timmerman
Lily Beelen
Sandra Attema



Farida Kalim



Anca Ungureanu



Anna Popova
Elena Kilchevskaya
Roman Steinhauer
Elena Dmitrieva
Tatiana Voronina
Olga Sharova
Vadim Kazanskiy



Carles Fontanillas
Miguel Ángel Delgado
Alex Segura Arana
Jordi Abelló




Sultan Engin



United Kingdom

Ioachim Erema (VK/ROE)



Julia Marie Schmitt
Holly Heider Chapple

(*) Assistant

Many of these floral designers will be assisted.

Welcome everyone!


2019 Theme: Back to the Future

Space goggles on! Space boots on. Fleuramour is going on an extraordinary mission this year: we are going to travel through time!

We’re following the example of Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in the 80’s film classic “Back to the Future” and are going to visit the past, the present and the future. How does the fascinating world of flowers & plants evolve over the centuries? Which strange creatures will see the light of day? Who amongst our evolutionary friends will become extinct? How do we survive together? Or will our future be a life on a paradisiacal planet far, far away?

For this never before tried experiment, we called on the services of the 100 most creative brainiacs on Mother Earth, for a last ditch effort at saving our flora. These special envoys take you to Planet Fleuramour, where the world’s most beautiful flowers will be preserved for eternity. Our time machine is ready. The seconds are counting down. We’re just waiting on one more person. You! Embark as soon as you can before another passenger is chosen for the very last ticket to this flower paradise! Did you get yours? Quickly put on your space badge and get ready for the launch!

140,000 flowers, in all scents and colours, will be waiting for you on the other side of the cosmos…