So Much To Do

Come and be amazed. There is so much to see and do at Fleuramour that it will keep you busy for a whole day.

Magical Floral Tour

At Fleuramour you don't know where to look first. Romantic roses, graceful lilies and 100 other flower varieties. In total, 150,000 flowers processed in hundreds of unique flower creations from lovely small to insanely large, find a way to your heart. The magical work of the world's most impressive flower artists.

Magic Moments

You won't trust your eyes. The magic will cross your path at various locations in the flower paradise. If it is not the magic of the 150,000 flowers that sets your heart on fire, you will bump into some magical act or other.

Fairylike Floral Show

Let the flowers, music and light overwhelm you during the illustrious Floral Show. A series of delighted oohs and wows will be set off once the models put on their most beautiful floral outfit. For fashionistas, flower lovers and impulse visitors.

Pop-Up Market

Year after year, the Fleuramour Pop-Up Market has become bigger and bigger so that it has become an attraction in his own right. The market leads you along a hundred stalls selling the most beautiful and delicious merchandise. From jewellery and textiles to home decoration and green materials to yummy delicacies.

Food & Drinks

From a savoury three-course menu to a tasty afternoon tea. At Fleuramour, you can strengthen the inner man/woman. For those with a sweet tooth delicious fruit cocktails are served on the way. Or do you succumb to savoury cinnamon cake?

Live Action

How do such magical flower creations come about? Experts afford a glance behind the scenes during the 'floral art' exhibitions. Professional floral designers will roll up their sleeves during the Fleuramour workshops. To take part, just register.
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