Rita Van Gansbeke (B)

Room: New Chapel (Waterburcht)
Project: Made in Belgium, in cooperation with the Fleur @ Home Team
Description: Belgium is also world famous for its gastronomy. The Fleur @ Home Team presents some wonderful floral creations with delicious local products


Master-flower arranger Rita Van Gansbeke is passionate about nature and really enjoys the uniqueness and beauty of each season. She loves to share her love of nature and her talent in magically transforming vegetative material into authentic objects. Rita is floral designer for Fleuramour Alden Biesen, Wintermoments Bruges, the Ghent Floraliën, Flowertime Brussels, Tuindagen Beervelde, Veritas and many other organizations. She is also a passionate designer of floral objects and jewels. Rita holds regular workshops in her studio in Merelbeke, ‘From a vegetative point of view’.